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Contego from Allgood

a vital first defence

in infection control 


Contego is a comprehensive range of ironmongery with all the antimicrobial properties of copper and the clinical appearance of stainless steel.   

Antimicrobial copper is scientifically proven to be the most effective touch surface material in the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), killing greater than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria - including MRSA - within minutes of exposure: no other material or coating comes closei.   

Copper also plays a vital role in preventing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by destroying the genetic material of bacteria.  AMR takes hold as viruses and bacteria pass resistance messages via their DNA to other microbes when in proximity, such as on surfaces in a healthcare environment.  Copper and >60% copper alloys kill pathogen microbes and breaks down their genetic material; making it impossible for AMR to develop.  

Contego is made from a 70% copper-nickel alloy 

to match the clinical aesthetic of stainless steel 

and improve strength and durability, with no loss in antimicrobial performance.        

Contego is also highly cost-effective, with the investment of installation able to be recouped within as little as two months, based on fewer infections, reduced demand on resources, and the resulting shorter lengths of patient hospital staysii. 

The design of Contego echoes the clean simplicity of Allgood's iconic Modric range, also keeping the stainless steel appearance preferred in healthcare environments.   The entire range is made in the UK at the Allgood factory in Birmingham.


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