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Classic style, contemporary performance

Continental comprises seven timeless designs of coordinated levers and pull handles in solid cast brass, all made in Britain exclusively for Allgood.  Inspired by the iconic hotels of the art-deco period, the entire range is available in seven opulent finishes including living bronze and brass. 

First conceived in 2017, Continental began as an idea to explore new markets by returning to classic materials.  Allgood offered brass as part of the Modric range in the 1970s and 80s. The advent of new performance standards meant the material of the day fell from favour.  

Today, brass is back in vogue with demand strong for this classic aesthetic.  With a collection of original designs and using the finest solid cast brass, Continental meets modern demands with vintage style.  

With our 25-year warranty, low maintenance and high performance are assured.  Available from Modric Architectural hardware

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