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Quality and Design

Modric Inc is committed to providing a variety of quality architectural hardware for customers. By using the latest technologies and applying strict quality control procedures, we’ve become known for having the best products in the industry.


Classic style, contemporary performance

Continental comprises seven timeless designs of coordinated levers and pull handles in solid cast brass, all made in Britain exclusively for Allgood.  Inspired by the iconic hotels of the art-deco period, the entire range is available in seven opulent finishes including living bronze and brass. 
First conceived in 2017, Continental began as an idea to explore new markets by returning to classic materials.  Allgood offered brass as part of the Modric range in the 1970s and 80s. The advent of new performance standards meant the material of the day fell from favour.  
Today, brass is back in vogue with demand strong for this classic aesthetic.  With a collection of original designs and using the finest solid cast brass, Continental meets modern demands with vintage style.  
With our 25-year warranty, low maintenance and high performance are assured.


Renewable Resources

Alex Mowat, Founding Director of Mowat & Company and designer of the Holt range:  

“During many travels across Northern Europe, I observed the Nordic tradition of using timber for many everyday items. I was inspired by the beautiful aesthetic that developed the more the item was used, and set about designing a range of items that could be applied across a range of environments.

Since launching the range we have had many successes with great architects, developers and individual clients. 

During this time, we have had enquiries for commercial projects where Holt needs to be integrated with other products and ranges to give an integrated solution to a whole building.

We therefore have extended the Holt range to include two all-metal lever handles that meet the toughest durability standards. All the fixings, shapes and finishes in the Holt range coordinate with the classic Allgood Modric range designed by Alan Tye. This makes it possible to answer all ironmongery requirements of even the largest building projects.”


"The Original"

Inspired by the collaboration between Alan Tye and Knud Holscher on the 1965 Saint Catherine’s College Oxford design, and made exclusively in our British factory.  The world’s first coordinated range of ironmongery.  Crafted from grade 316 solid stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime, comfortably exceeding BSEN and ANSI standards with a 25-year warranty.


Modric was the original. The first ironmongery range with a uniform aesthetic across a co-ordinated range. Providing a consistent faultless finish, modric changed the industry as we knew it. As design and technology has advanced, modric has remained at the forefront of product innovation.Today, modric represents a timeless design classic both designed and made in Britain. In these times of increasing globalisation, you can be certain that modric has not travelled the globe to land at your project. Manufactured in our own factory by craftsmen who are both passionate and proud to be associated with modric and exactly what it stands for.

Truly iconic British design and manufacturing.

Contego from Allgood - a vital first defence ininfection control Contego is a comprehensive range of ironmongery with all the antimicrobial properties of copper and
the clinical appearance of stainless steel. Antimicrobial copper is scientifically proven to be the most effective touch surface material in the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), killing greater than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria - including MRSA -within minutes of exposure: no other material or coating comes closei. Copper also plays a vital role in preventing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by destroying the genetic material of bacteria. AMR takes hold as viruses and bacteria pass resistance messages via their DNA to other microbes when in proximity, such as on surfaces in a healthcare environment. Copper and >60% copper alloys kill pathogen microbes and breaks down their genetic material; making it impossible for AMR to develop. Contego is made from a 70% copper-nickel alloy to match the clinical aesthetic of stainless steel and improve strength and durability, with no loss in antimicrobial performance. Contego is also highly cost-effective, with the investment of installation able to be recouped within as little as two months, based on fewer infections, reduced demand on resources, and the resulting shorter lengths of patient hospital staysii. The design of Contego echoes the clean simplicity of Allgood's iconic Modric range, also keeping the stainless steel appearance preferred in healthcare environments. The entire range is made in the UK at our factory in Birmingham.

Mode is a collection of door furniture that offers the Allgood quality of design and materials, with a more dynamic aesthetic

Mode is a more ergonomic collection of door furniture fulfilling a more creative aesthetic. The range comprises seventeen dynamic and striking designs of levers, with six coordinated pull handles, all with the quality of material and manufacturing

you would expect from Allgood.

Crafted in grade 316 stainless steel and mounted on our patented Quadaxial™ rose tested to a million cycles, Mode offers eye-catching style and reassuring substance; made exclusively in Britain

at our own manufacturing plant, with a 25 year warranty across the range.

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